Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Friendly Squirrel Character

I was working on structure the other day when I added some details and out came this happy squirrel character. I realized after publishing that he didn't have buck teeth, so this guy must be pretty hungry.



I enjoy your work so much; put you on my blog (as a link).

This illustration reminds me of what DISNEY artists do. I met a few of them when I lived in the Leisure Hills area of Southern, California.

Have a super Easter; looked for a card that might go with that holiday - maybe next year, right?

van dyke said...

To happy in nevada, I am flattered by your compliment, thank you. I looked for my link on your blog(s) but got lost, you can link back if you'd like.

Oh yeah, maybe next Easter will find me making an Easter card - time just got away from me this go 'round.